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Post  Bubba on Thu Dec 20, 2007 4:43 am

Article 15 Section (b) of the Purchase agreement states:
Insulation Pursuant to the Federal Trade Commission's Trade Regulation Rule on labeling and advertising of home insulation (16 CFR, Part 460), the type, thickness and R-Value of the insulation that will be installed in each part of the Unit are as follows:

Location Type Thickness R-Value
Exterior Walls Batt 6 inches R-13
Roof Rigid 2 inches (minimum) R-16

Condo owners need to check their roofs and walls for insulation that complies with the above specifications. The Developer is in default of Article 15, Section (b) of the Purchase Agreement if in fact he failed to insulate the Unit as required by FTC Regulations and the language in the contract.

Of note: Poured, or cast-in-place concrete has a R Value of .08 per inch of concrete. A concrete ceiling void of any other insulation would have to be 200" thick (16.66 feet) to reach a R Value of 16 as called for in the Purchase Agreement.


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